Run the Burbs

Comedy. Coming 2022.

RUN THE BURBS, created by Andrew Phung and Scott Townend, is a ½ hour comedy about a family living life to its fullest and changing the way we think about family values and suburban life.

The Beaverton

Comedy. 39 Episodes.

THE BEAVERTON is a topical satirical news show in the tradition of THE ONION and THE DAILY SHOW

A Good Wife

Drama. Development.

An adaptation of Samra Zafar’s memoir, A GOOD WIFE is a miniseries about a child bride brought to Canada and her journey to escape her abusive husband and fulfill her dreams.

Late Bloomer

Comedy. Development
Starring Vine & YouTube sensation Jasmeet Raina (Jus Reign), LATE BLOOMER follows the life of Jasmeet and his friends, the millennial byproducts of the Sikh immigrant dream, as they chase success and internet fame.

Treasures Decoded

Docuseries. 12 Episodes.

TREASURES DECODED explores the controversies surrounding the world’s most important artifacts, like the Shroud of Turin and the Pyramids of Giza.


Movie of the Week
In the international biopic CÉLINE we follow Celine Dion’s journey from poverty to fame.

Da Vinci’s Inquest

Drama. 91 episodes.

DA VINCI’S INQUEST is the acclaimed crime drama that blends high-tech forensic science with old-fashioned leg work.

Mega Builders

Docuseries. 39 Episodes.

MEGA BUILDERS documented the biggest, most intriguing engineering projects of its day.

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